Mainware Technologies

Since 2000 Mainware has been assisting clients with IT solutions’, service and quality products. Mainware Technologies is an IT Company that prides ourselves in quality solutions and service delivery. Mainware is currently responsible for over 200 companies throughout South Africa and Africa for IT support, networking and hosting service.

Mainware was founded as we identified a need for affordable IT services as many companies require IT services but cannot afford the rates that some of the big international companies’ charge. Mainware delivers full range of IT service that compare to any international IT company. Our focus is on the Small to Medium Companies (SME). We deliver quality solutions and services to all our clients. Relationship is important to us and we take pride in understanding your business and take your business at heart.

Why Mainware Technologies?

Now more than ever it’s important for your business to have an IT solutions partner who can help you accomplish more of your IT goals, achieve new efficiencies and realize cost savings every step of the way. Whether your company needs fast access to essential technologies or the support of technical experts for the strategic planning and deployment of solutions

We’re on a mission to do things better. At Mainware we are committed to continually evaluating and improving our product line and your services – ensuring that we’re always firmly ahead of the competition, and even more importantly, providing our clients with everything that they need to be successful. We’re committed to using quality hardware and using our expert knowledge to maintain it – we don’t believe in cutting corners.