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Windows and Linux Private Servers

A private server is a computer that hosts online games, applications, or websites, and is accessible only to a select group of individuals or organizations.

Mainware offers clients private servers hosted in local data centers in South Africa.  Allowing for fast local access to your systems and data, with out having to access them over seas that can make things slot.

Business purposes.
Hosting Pastel 50c and payroll applications
File and data hosting
Application hosting

Mainware has a number of clients that have staff working from all over South Africa and world, that need to access company systems and documents. Our private servers allow our customers to work remotely  from any location, provided they have internet connection.

Private servers are month to month,   Cancellations need to be email to accounts@mainware.co.za before the 3rd of the month, for cancellation end of that month.



Windows Server

Windows Server require a RDP license,  all Windows Server come with one administrator license. Aditonal license can be purchased monthly.


Ubuntu server are access over ssh. This allows you to install xrdp and other tools that run over ssh to provide a graphical interface.